About Us

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MD HomeCall Inc. brings healthcare to your doorstep by arranging to have highly qualified doctors see patients in the comfort of their home. Our mandate is helping Canadians who are unable to access health care, due to disability, old age, or other circumstances. From newborn babies to great-grandmothers, we assist in connecting doctors to anyone who may not otherwise be able to get into see their own family physician.

MD HomeCall is an innovative and efficient way to access health care when you need it most. At MD HomeCall we believe that every Canadian should have easy access to health care.

MD HomeCall Inc. is built and operates on 3 pillars of excellence.

Professional – We aim to be friendly, caring, and knowledgeable in every thing we do. Our patient care representatives and the physician team believe in respect and dignity for everyone. We emphasize professionalism, confidentiality and make every effort to ensure a positive experience for patients in their time of need.

Accessible – We realize that your family physician cannot always be available. When you need a doctor and your family physician is unavailable, call  MD HomeCall Inc. to access a doctor home visit for you and the people you love.

Patient-centred – MD HomeCall Inc. is a patient-centred organization and our focus is delivering the highest quality of service to patients. Our team strives daily to push the envelope in patient satisfaction.