Q. Who uses MD HomeCall?
A. Anyone who wishes to stay in the comfort of their own home while waiting for a doctor to come and see them can use MDHomeCall. We see many young families who prefer not to wait in walk-in clinics but would rather stay and comfort their sick child at home. We also have elderly patients that are unable to leave their homes without assistance that appreciate having the doctor come to them.

Q. What medical services do you provide?
A. MDHomeCall connects patients with doctors that offer convenient, non-urgent, medical care for most common illnesses and minor injuries.

Q. Where does MD HomeCall operate?
A. MDHomeCall connects patients with doctors that do house calls in central Toronto. To see if we provide service in your neighbourhood, check out our website at www.mdhomecall.com or email us at support@mdhomecall.com.

Q. Do I have to pay for this service?
A. No, this service is free if you have a valid OHIP health card.

Q. What if I don’t have a valid OHIP card?
A. The doctor will still be able to see you, but there will be a charge. When the doctor arrives, you can pay them directly. Please ask our patient care representative for details.

Q. Who are the doctors doing housecalls?
A. All the physicians who do housecalls are board certified family physicians or emergency physicians that have a keen interest in seeing patients in their home. MDHomeCall connects patients with caring, dedicated and qualified doctors.

Q. Who arranges the appointment?
A. House calls may be requested by a patient, the patient’s family, friend, physician, nurse, home health agency or caregiver. Anyone authorized by the patient can request a visit by calling us at 416-322-3303 or through our website at www.MDHomeCall.com.

Q. Can more than one person be seen in the same house?
A. Yes, the doctor can see all persons that are ill in your household. It is important to advise the patient care representative when you call us so that the doctor will be aware that there is more than one patient in the home.

Q. When will the doctor arrive?
A. The doctor will see you the same day that you contact us. The arrival time will depend on traffic and the physician’s route. Before coming to your home, the doctor will call to confirm the arrival time with you.

Q. What if I already have a doctor?
A. The visiting doctors can serve as consultants to your current doctor. If you have no family doctor, we can provide you with resources to help you find a primary care provider.

Q. What if I need to go to the Emergency Department?
A. If your medical condition is determined to be more serious after initial examination, the attending doctor will call an ambulance and help coordinate your transfer to the Emergency Department.

Q. Can doctors referred by MDHomeCall replace my primary care doctor?
A. No, the visiting doctors are meant to provide care in your home when you are unable to see your own doctor. It is important to have routine health maintenance and screening completed by a primary care provider on a regular basis.

For any other questions, call us at 415-355-3306, or email us at or submit your question using our web-form at Contact us section of MDHomeCall.