Why Do House Calls With MDHomeCall?

Flexible You decide the number of shifts per month you would like to work and how many patients you would like to see. There are no long-term commitments.

Profitable Providing house calls to patients is an enjoyable way to increase your income. Enjoy tax benefits such as writing off a portion of your car, cell phone, and home office expenses.

Convenient We provide you with patient contact information and we ensure they have a valid health card. This site provides for you a list of commonly used OHIP diagnostic codes, information on billing, best practices, what equipment you need for a house call and the ease of online shift requests.

Gratifying Know that you are helping patients that may otherwise not be able to access quality healthcare. Most patients are either young families with infants or the elderly.

Rewarding OHIP now pays bonuses to physicians who do a minimum of 12 house calls per year. In addition, ask us about our physician loyalty rewards program.

If you are interested in joining our team, please call us at 415-355-3306 and press option 3 or email us at